Adult Industry Insurance FAQ's


Here are a few frequently asked questions, if your question is not answered here, feel free to call our friendly team on 01502 537773 who would be happy to help.


How much does Adult Industry Insurance Cost?


This will depend on a number of factors and it is very difficult to give an indication as no two businesses are the same, the level of contents, rebuilding cost, annual wage roll and turnover, security arrangements and your insurance history will all have a bearing on the premium. Typically premiums for liability cover only can start as low as £500.


What are the benefits of buying Adult Industry insurance directly from Insurelink?


When you buy direct, you deal directly with Insurelink. Our adult industry insurance advisors only focus only on  businesses like yours. This means you speak to a knowledgeable specialist who can deliver personalised recommendations about the insurance you need in your specific trade.


With Insurelink you get great value as well as excellent service. Buying from us is a simple process that allows you to get the right cover at a competitive price.


How can I pay for my Adult Industry Insurance?


We offer a wide range of payment methods including conveinient low cost monthly direct debits, debit or credit card payments and cheques.


What excesses do you offer for Adult Industry Insurance?


We offer a wide range of excesses which depend on the risk at hand. Our standard policy carries an all sections excess of £250 per claim. Our standard subsidence excess is £1000.


What if I want to cancel my Adult Industry Insurance?


You can cancel your Adult Industry Insurance policy at any time and we will refund any premium owed to you. However, as soon as you cancel your policy, you will no longer have any protection in place for potential claims and/or losses.